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For the last 6 years I have had a very sharp pain on the lower right abdomen area. It always has been on the same spot. At first the attacks of pain took place seldom but in the last two years it has increased and in the last year I have developed more syntoms, like switching back and forth between constipation and diarrea. The pain DOESN'T GO AWAY WITH A BOWEL MOVEMENT, and not always I am constipated or with diarrea when I have the sharp attacks of pain. In fact those incidents happen separate from the attacks of pain. The most puzzled part about all of this is that when being up right is when it hurts the most, when I sit it might go away and seems like that the only way it will go away for sure is when laying down. Lately, I have not been able to do something as basic as grocery shopping because the sharp pain is so PAINFUL , it is like contractions. Right now I am seeing a Gastroenterologist who doesn't believe I have IBS, he found two very small kidney stones and has sent me to a Urologist, but he says that the stones are too small and that everything seems normal. I am convence that my problem is intestinal and that it is always in the same spot. Sometimes I worry that something is going to explote inside of me in that spot, it makes me think that the area is going to ware out of so much pain!!!Please tell me if my syntoms are from IBS and if so, how normal is the fact that my attacks are so bad when being up right and the pain tends to go away when laying down.Thanks,I am desperate for answers!!
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