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Despite what experts might tell you pain is an individual thing:|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Mail may be FWDed to individualPsyUSA Network doctoral-level psychologists ONLY.|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| NO FWD to mail lists or Web sites~~Address OPINIONS to: PsyPOV: PsyUSA Point-of-View Channel~Posts without Subject line TOPICS will be returned for edit - see bottom banner~Quote ONLY essentials of past posts in your ReplyResearcher claims some people really do hurt moreJune 24, 2003BY LEE BOWMANA new brain-imaging study confirms that some people are much moresensitive to pain than others, and should help doctors in calibratingpatients' descriptions of their pain.''One of the most difficult aspects of treating pain has been havingconfidence in the accuracy of patients' self-reports of pain,'' saidRobert Coghill, an assistant professor of neurobiology and anatomy atWake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.He led the study published online Monday by the Proceedings of theNational Academy of Sciences.''Now, we have objective evidence that confirm individual differencesin pain are, in fact, real,'' he added.In their study, Coghill and colleagues used magnetic resonanceimaging to assess brain function.They found that the brain regions important in registering pain ''litup'' in those participants who said a heat stimulus was intenselypainful.But those who said that the same stimulus was only mildly painful hadminimal activation of those areas.During the study, 17 healthy volunteers (eight women and nine men)had a computer-controlled heat stimulator placed on their leg.While their brains were scanned, the device heated a small patch ofskin to 120 degrees, which most people find painful.But participants reported very different experiences. On a 10-pointscale, the least sensitive person said the pain was a ''1'' while themost sensitive subject rated the pain as almost a ''9.''Those who reported higher levels of pain showed increased activity inthe primary somatosensory cortex, which tells the brain where apainful stimulus is located in the body and how intense it is, and inthe anterior cingulate cortex, which is involved in processing theunpleasant feelings evoked by pain.Scripps Howard News Service--NOTE: If you have any news or citation material for PSYUSA this week,please send it directly to Rita Handrich (***Please do NOT send it to the list (and please do not use the replyfunction to send it!)*** All material from wire services, newspapers, magazines, journals, pressreleases, online information sources, and so on is posted on PSYUSA only bythe PSYUSA News Department, which is coordinated by Paul Benveniste, RitaHandrich and Pauline Wallin on a rotating basis.*** It is PSYUSA's goal to provide a completely accurate source citation foreach news item posted. If there are errors in the citation, please let us knowback-channel at your earliest convenience so that we may post a correction.*** The 'fair use' of any copyrighted material for non profit educational andresearch purposes is provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.Thank you for your help.~ Do NOT quote banner below or the banner above in Reply messages~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please use PsyUSA Topics= ISO:>, Cite:>, News:>, Tip:>, Conf:>, and~ Deselectable TOPICS= Referral:>, Job:>, 4Sale:>, Biz:>, Econ:>~ Policy:>, URL:>, Data:> To change: SET PSYUSA TOPICS= (+ or - [topic])~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To Join the Network--> Send command: SUB PSYUSA yourname~ Send ALL commands to--> For Network Help--> LISTSERV® mail list User's Guide~ Or to get all LISTSERV options, send command: "INFO REFCARD"~ To stop mail but keep access to the Database, send the command:~ "SET PSYUSA NOMail" (Do NOT use UNSUB or SIGNOFF)~ Send PsyUSA forum mail to--> Access ALL PsyUSA Database archives, click or type the http below:~ PsyUSA Knowledgebase�~ Find InformationDatabase Search Guide~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P s y U S A N e t w o r k~ Original author holds � Copyright - Collection held by PsyUSA Network~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~tom
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