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Its me again. I have had within the last week another chapter in the on going series of the 'Big D'! My latest bowel movements are long soft, greasy and yes, a chalky pale yellow in colour. It seems that every time I have the runs, my stools are followed by these yellow logs! Why? What causes them? As is the usual case with me, the course of my stools (pardon the graphic explanations) have been, well, you know, like diarrhoea, then they slowwly evolve to a loose yellowish hue, followed by thin formed but loose pale yellow members, in turn followed by what would appear to be well formed, (in fact can be rather large) soft greasy looking stools, except that they are a pallid yellow in colour! These last for one or more bowel movements, then gradually evolve to be ever increasingly darker, until the usual light greenish-brown. Can somebody explain as to just why this is so? Thanx!------------------

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We discussed this in another thread recently which I started called "Consensus on stool color?" Basically nobody knows, and doctors don't even seem to care! Many of us have asked our physicians with little explanation.Some theories we talked about had to do with mucous, bile and bacteria.
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