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Hi Buzzby,I cannot answer your question directly - because I was not an IBS sufferer before my gallbladder was removed - nor am I a "typicial" IBSer now (no D or C - just chronic abdominal pain that I have been told is either "just IBS" or pancreatitis).I have obstructive chronic pancreatitis - from an anatomical anomaly - so I am answering your question from the pancreatitis sufferer point of view. In my reading of journal articles I have learned that it is likely that microlithiasis or biliary sludge, can be a cause of recurrent acute pancreatitis. I think it is reasonable to explore the real possibitlity that removing your GB will stop your pancreatitis attacks. If the pancreatitis is the cause of your D - this may be a successful treatment - Although it may take a six month adjustment for your body to get used to not having a gallbladder (some people experience this, others don't).In any case, it is important to stop your acute pancreatitis attacks. This can damage your pancreas so bad that you may developchronic pancreatitis which is incurable and can cause extreme daily pain for life. You do not want to go there..........The best advice is to ask lots of questions of your surgeon or referring doctor......Together you can take all your symptoms and figure out a course of action.!Good LuckLaurie
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