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Have you also tried Magnesium suppliments? They have helped a lot of people on the board - myself included. Lately I've been taking 300 mg before bed, plus my fiber choice in the morning and that seems to do the trick. I think the recommended daily amount of magnesium is around 400 (you should check with your doctor if you take anything higher).Do you have a specific time of day that you always go? I find with things like prune juice (similar to pear juice I think - both contains sorbitol, though prune juice has about twice as much (see my thread on fruits that are kind to the intestine if you want more info on sorbitol)) Sorry I'm getting off track... Anyhow I find with these types of things that work by drawing water into the bowel (magnesium included), it is best to take them just before your typical BM time of the day. For me that's in the morning, so I take them the night before and go well in the morning. If I take them at any other time of the day they won't do anything but cause some crazy stomach gurgling and maybe make me pass a bit of gas.These things take about 5 hours to get into my system - yours seem to be faster if it worked after an hour, so I'd recommend trying the pearjuice (or try magnesium if the pear juice gave you too much gas) an hour bfore your typical time to go and you should have better results.Hope you find something natural tthat works for you.Linda
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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