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Hi guys, I have pfd which I'm currently recieveing Biofeedback therapy for along side fast gut motility after taking antibiotics for a tooth infection. I go on average 5 times a day, mostly in the morning, (8 was the record number) but it isnt diarrhoea. Its a standard consistency. I have tried taking probiotocs (biokult) but it made my symptoms worse and ended up with mucus and blood in the stool. I am considering amitriptyline to slow down my transit, but when I previously took it I was sleeping for 14 hours a day. I just want to have less bowel movements that are more regular, like how I was before. Is there anything anyone can recommend? Please tell me your experience with these problems

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Hi Xlydz,

I'm an IBS survivor here. It sounds like you don't have IBS? So thank goodness!
Honestly, if you read people's stories here you would find going to the bathroom eight times a day with stools of "standard consistency" is actually what an IBS sufferer would call success. That is- no diarrhea, no constipation, no gas, no abdominal pain, no social or work reprucussions.

Yeah its inconvenient to go to the bathroom often, but I'm sure that something you can work out with your boss as long as you meet your deadlines (most boss's accommodate for this).

You may not want to hear my opinion, but I wouldn't look for another drug to make me go to the bathroom less often.
It may back fire on you and you get constipation or then start getting what I call the see-saw effect where you alternate form constipation and diarrhea.

If yo have a bad reaction to biokult, you could look for other probiotics.

Its still a good idea to take probiotics while taking or after a round of antibiotics. Kudos to you for taking that precaution.

I looked up biokult and it says it contains milk and soy (I think I did take this year 1/2 of my IBS and also didn't have a good reaction).
You could be sensitive to milk or/and soy.

It could also be a "fight back"/upset from bad stuff (bacteria/yeast) in your gut. You mentioned mucus in the stool.. that could be a biofilm coming out..

What concerns me is the blood in the stool.

Please tell your doctor about that and get a stool test.
I was told blood in stool is a sign of UC (ult. colitis)- an actual digestive disease vs IBS which is a "diagnosis of elimination."
But if it only happened once, I don't know what that means, ask your Doctor.

If you have nothing in your stool and you don't have UC, then just be grateful and accept this higher frequency of bathroom time.
Maybe once your biofeedack therapy ends, you'll go back to your normal frequency?

It could be just like when we do excercise, we stimulate muscles and organs in the digestive area (near abdomen).
Similarly, whatever biofeedback you're doing for your PFD could be stimulating muscles and organs in the same area causing your intestine to move more frequently...

I'm just trying to help from the IBS point of view. That's what most people on this forum have..
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