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Hi Rachael - Make sure the peppermint capsules (Colpermin is one brand in the UK) are enterically coated so that they disperse in the intestines and not the tummy - Altoids worked a bit for me, but the peppermint capsules didn't but they do help many folks - and be forwarned if you do try them, to perhaps experience a bit of a "cooling sensation" upon their exit!
If you have fissures or hemis, this might be something to consider.You can get Mike's CDs through his site, - he is in Warrington, Cheshire UK near Manchester - where he sees patients in his surgery, but the CDs are the recorded same sessions and technique he uses in his clinical practice. It is focused on breaking the anxiety and panic associated with IBS and having to be in public, knowing where bathrooms are, etc.More info in the links below - and feel free to ask if you have any questions - there are a few of us over there doing the program now and are supporting each other through the journey...Take care. xx
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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