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i'm a big supporter of peppermint oil!! i take the enteric coated capsules and the tea. i always take a capsule before anything i eat, it really works wonders for me,i hardly get cramps now, its really helped to calm my bowels, and i would say i'm less bloated. Find they're great to take when ever i'm feeling stressed. think it also has a good psycological effect on me now, like i know it helps me so just taking one, starts to make me feel instantly better, sooner than the capsual could possibly have taken effect! just started taking fennel capsules too, as i've still got problems with a little excess gas. fennels meant to be great for that, personally can't stand the taste of the stuff,( tates like liquorice) which is why i've opted for the capules but you'd probably do well with the tea. Found a great one the other day - Twinnings Digestif tea bags. contains 30% peppermint, 30% fennel seeds, dandelion root, spearmint, linden and liquorice root. its pretty tasty!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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