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Peter - site about GERD

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Hi Peter. Haven't heard anything from you lately. How are you doing? OK, I hope. I just found this site about GERD. I heard you talk about that being one of your problems and thought you might be interested in checking out the site. Here is what the info about it says: "The American College of Gastroenterology does an excellent job of explaining gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in layman's terms through their Web site." etc... It also says that there is a video that can be ordered from this site and pharmacists can request brochures. Hope this is a help to you. Also hope to hear from you soon. We all miss ya pal. ------------------"A merry heart does good, like medicine."[This message has been edited by Lynn (edited 05-12-99).]
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Just bumping this up for Peter, in case he happens to drop by.Or for anyone else that might be interested.
Good Morning Jeff's fans, Hi Lynn, just stopping by to let you know Im alive& still ibs-kicking
Thanks for the thread (for Peter
)I have some upper GI problems too
, sharing some symptoms Peter had talked about months back...although Ive never been diagnosed with *Gerd* its aggravating nonetheless. Lynn we've talked for months and I cant recall if you have upper GI distress in addition to lower GI?Ive missed the goodies around here. its been a while. Take care Lynn and everyone
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Lynn (Peter & all) Something pretty to cheer us up w/on a Sunny Saturday!
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Hi there Lisa and all. Where are you Peter?Well, to answer your question, Lisa, I'm not really sure. Haven't been diagnosed as such, but when I lay too flat, or on my stomach, I will be awakened in the night, choaking, with stuff coming up in my throat. It will happen every time,unless I have about 3 pillows and stay either on my back or side.My dad had the same problem. Hereditary perhaps?------------------"A merry heart does good, like medicine."
Hi Lynn & all & Peter
Hope you (all) are feeling much better today!
Been looking for our the goodies & old friends periodically as I "poke my head in"...Hope Peter & Loretta are doing ok
Miss them alot. Lynn, The hereditary factor seems predominant, as my mom had IBS which probably predisposed me to it
From what youve described, is it Gastric reflux? Then again, even "non-ibs" persons will experience the heartburn/acid reflux if they lay down (after eating). Surprisingly enuf, I feel better when I lay down. Hmm, another ibs variation amongst us ibs friends.Please take care. Will keep in touch Lynn
Have a good day to all
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