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265 Posts Can try asking doctor for Sativex maybe???? for IBS and prevent cancers "in general" at the same time as a plus.

Sativex IS more balanced pharmaceutical(ized) marijuana in the UK than Marinol in the U.S. which is just THC that is used for cancer. Sativex still doesn't ideally have all the other important cannabinoids spectrum yet to be further studied (as much as CBD and THC) and needed for whole plant natural balance.

Higher CBD curbs psychoactivity of THC in natural plant marijuana like higher in CBD ACDC strain that is easier to find unfortunately than the better even higher CBD (which is ideal) Charlotte's Web strain (that is being used with seizures in epilepsy and muscle spasms in MS) that can both be used presently if in an accepting medical of legalized marijuana U.S. state. Otherwise use automatically legal <.3% thc CBD oil extracted from hemp. See over the counter meds info on this IBS website.
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