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I'm 17 years old and just recently found out I have IBS, and had it for about 2 years. I see a lot of people on here saying that vigorous physical activity helps them out. I've been going to the gym everday since I turned 16, I jog 3.5 miles one day, then the next just do vigorous weight lifting, and repeat the pattern on a daily basis. I've even heard someone say they felt really nasty but forced themself to go out and exercise anyways and they felt fine. But me? awwww, when i'm going through my little IBS symptoms, i'm like paralized... For the past 2 days I had to say no to going to the gym with my mom for IBS related reasons. And the one time I tried to go anyways, I found myself embaressingly running to the bathroom every 10 minutes
am I alone here? or do other people almost find themselves useless when going through the IBS problems? This really really sucks... i'm 17, I have enough things to worry about, and now I have my IBS symptoms to worry about which puts a huge handicap on my lifestyle! I find it overwhelming at many times =( but maybe it's because I just recently found out I have it, and that there is no cure
I would love to talk to other teens around my age who suffer the same situations I do.. IM me sometime on Hieromancer Mark
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