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I am wondering if I have pilonidal disease..or if I am just gonna be running to the bathroom the rest of my life?

So for about 1.5 years I've noticed a change in my digestive health, where it has a strong odor no matter what I do and even after/before I eat.. I've seen a primary doctor twice, ran blood work twice.. And I've seen a Gastro doc. The gastro doc says its perfectly normal to have multiple bowel movements everyday and that at the age of 30 men generally have lots of bowel movements..I also asked the gastro doc to smell me and they said I didn't smell.. I've also had this same discussion with my fiancé..which my Fiancé tells me if I smelled she would tell me..(which i have asked her many times)

The reason I think/know I smell is I hear people making " Sniffing " noises every time I walk or they walk past me/them.. As far as pain I don't feel any cyst.. I do have a bump on my butt but its very similar to a pimple.. No other lesions.. No bleeding, however I have had cases where I might goto the bathroom 6-7 times a day and the wiping causes me to bleed.. And I went to sit down after a bowel movement, I don't have pain but it's very tender to sit on my butt for an hour and the the tenderness goes away..(which I have felt my entire life..kinda the typical feeling you get when you goto the bathroom and come back)

.. I've taken pro biotics and they relatively have little to no effect (No effect meaning its not curing me) and only slightly improves the symptoms.. I've drastically changed my diet.. But not completely turning vegan or gluten free. I still eat regular food just NOT fast food... I then went on a strict breakfast/lunch diet of only fruits and vegetables by drinking 2 Smoothies (Nutribullet) a day.. The symptoms subsided for awhile (i still had a weird odor coming from my body smelling like fruits/lemons) and then came back.. It's been a never ending battle/struggle..

I just started taking Chlorofresh to help with the odor last Friday.. That seems to help but it still doesn't cure me.. And so I stopped taking it.

It seems that taking Kyolic Garlic (anti-fungal , All natural) and/or Garden of Life Fungal Defense does make a difference but No cure, which I end up going through the same thing everyday..i take the garlic and fungal works for 24hours.. Then a day later I am deling again with symptoms to retreat..

Is this a problem, that just simply will never go away. Am I going to live on the toilet for the rest of my life and continue to have this problem?
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