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Pink or Purple BOX

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I was wondering if anyone here had tried the pink and white box of Caltrate? I know everyone keeps mentioning the purple and white box, but I find it difficult to find in Canada. What is the difference in ingrediants? Has the pink and white worked for anyone?
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Hi Proud Canadian!You too eh? Having trouble finding the purple box? I went through this awhile back and got totally panicked! When it became obvious to me that the purple box was not going to be available for some time (I was calling the manufacturer and it was delayed), I decided to try the pink box. What I did was take one of "each" per day and much to my amazement, I found that I did even BETTER when mixing the two. Now that the purple box is available in my area again, I still take both the pink and purple Caltrates. Still doing okay that way. Haven't tried JUST the pink though so can't say how that would work for me... But I'd give it a go if I were you, until the purple box becomes more readily available. Good luck! [This message has been edited by Anxious (edited 06-26-2000).]
I tried both,the purple box didn't do much for me,actually made my"D" much worse,lnape said it could of been because of the magneseum in it,so I now use the pink box and it seems to help me with my "D" especially when I take it faithfully before every meal(also I still have my gallbladder).------------------ShyOne (D-type)
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