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Is Palm oil a Trigger or Problem for you?

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I was thinking of trying to make a whipped cream or frosting from ingredients that most IBS people can tolerate well.

I'd appreciate if any or all of you could quickly reply whether you've noticed a negative reaction to palm oil/palm fruit? It could be immediate or delayed, or it could even be that you tolerate small to medium quantities but not large quantities (that's my case).

Palm oil is found in many Gluten-Free or Dairy-Free deserts.

One example is the creme in the oreo-like cookie by glutino:
Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookies | Glutino

Palm oil can also be found in some vegan butter substitutes from brands like Earth Balance and Country crock Plant butter.
So, you would have had some palm oil if you consumed the above.


I found this on palm oil and digestive problems, but its for babies, so hence my question above.


Here's just some details or background info if you're interested why I'm asking this. But you can skip the text below (just for those who are curious) :

-Dairy is out because milk and milk products (casein, whey, milk-yogurt, lactose) are very common foods that people are intolerant to (even without IBS).-- This means NO: heavy whipping cream, regular butter, milk.

-I'm trying to make mine coconut-free (except for coconut oil):
Coconut and coconut milk is a common substitute I found online. Not only do I not really like the taste of coconut, but also it has fructans and other items in it. And I unfortunately found out about this the hard way with a major upset. However, somehow coconut oil is fine (it doesn't have all the other stuff inside the coconut). But most of the recipes for these vegan/vegetarian frostings call for the full-fat coconut milk.. So, this is not an option for me.

-I have heard about aquafaba, but currently I'm looking for a fat substitute. I haven't seen people stabilize aquafaba without adding even more starch or sugar (or non-stevia sugar substitutes). And it seems aquafaba is a dissolved starch anyway (I prefer low carb/less gas inducing options).

-Do you try to actively avoid gums or do you just take them occasionally on your cheat foods? (ex. cookies, cake, non-dairy yogurts and creams?) Do you eat gums daily (like in your store-bought almond milk)? Are some gums worse than others for you?

- Just curious what people's thoughts are on splenda (sucralose), erythritiol, xylitol, and allulose. We should probably be avoiding everything that ends with an "ol" for FODMAP adherents. But what have you found? I primarily use stevia or small amounts of fruit juice to sweeten things.

-Fiinally, if you're reading this anyway, are eggs or egg whites an intolerance for you too? I was intolerant to eggs (or scared of them causing a sulfur smell if I was intolerant to them). I didn't try them till like year 4 or 5 of my IBS, once I was getting a bit better/stable and was experimenting with foods on weekends. I found that I reacted differently to antibiotic-free eggs than to the ones that don't say "antibiotic-free." The ones that weren't antibiotic free (when I was still not "recovered" from my IBS) would be ok if it was just like 1 egg, but I'd still feel a little queasy in the stomach, beyond 1 egg I could get diarrhea. But then I noticed that I didn't really have any reaction to 2 antibiotic free eggs a day (but this was after my probiotic treatment). --- Just wondering if anyone had similar experience on that before.

Thanks, I appreciate your opinions. I'm the only one with IBS that I interact with daily, but for Christmas there'll be a few others, and it would be cool to have a sort of "most popularly safe" option. I totally understand that in reality EVERYONE is different and has DIFFERENT INTOLERANCES. But, it'd be nice to get some sort of idea of what are the things more people are intolerant to or fear eating vs just gong with my and 2 other people's take.
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