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Please list IBS triggers

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I would appreciate if you share what triggers IBS.My trigges are onion, pepper, ice cream, alcohol, fast food, coffee, what else to add?------------------
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You ask too much. We ALL have different triggers. Mine will not be yours...
HI SERGEY....I am now 48, have not been to the gastro in at least 5 years, and I am asymptomatic so long as I do not consume any of the substances I learned I am reactive to. I was previously pretty much a 100% gastrointestinal cripple after suffering worsening IBS from the age of 8 years old. These are my personal offending foods, listed alphabetically and separating into [2] categories generally �strong reactions� from �moderate to weak� reactions: _______________________STRONGLY REACTIVE:BAY LEAF, BEEF, BLACK PEPPER, [CANDIDA ALBICANS], CARROT, CHERRY, COCOA, COCONUT, PARSLEY, PEAR, PINEAPPLE, TEA, TROUT, TUMERIC, WHEATMODERATE TO MILD REACTIVITY:AVOCADO, BASIL, BUCKWHEAT, CINAMMON, CLAM, CODFISH, COFFEE, CORN, COWS MILK, CUCUMBER, DILL, EGGPLANT, GINGER, GREEN PEPPER, HONEY, KAMUT, MANGO, NUTMEG, OLIVE, OREGANO, QUINOA, SPELT, TOMATO, TUNA _______________________Prior to strict elimination dieting I was also reactive to orange, and turkey. I also used to be reactive to several food colorings and the entire nasty �SORB� family (polysorbates 60 and 80, sorbitol). After (3) years of 100% abstinence I recovered enough tolerance to eat each in moderation (reactivity subsided). I can use tomato catsup and corn "products" in moderation as my sensitivity is now low to these. I have to take a pretty good dose to cause a clinically noticeable problem. I have also been through a course of antifungal therapy x2 for an episodes of coexisting intestinal candidiasis which caused sudden exacerbation of my symptoms followed prolonged periods of remission (which as a consequence elicited an immune-[granulocyte]- response to candida as reflected above}I can eat pretty much any other non-histaminic food (ugh...I get histamine symptoms fast) but try to avoid all processed foods (additive-containing) because it is as yet impossible to determine reactivity to every single additive out there. (3,500 approx.). Americans consume over 20 pounds ON AVERAGE of additives a year anyway...this is just too much of a load for some people to process without consequences. It is 10 times the amount consumed just [4]decades ago.I literally have no idea anymore what any pre-prepared meal might taste like from the grocers freezer or that junk they serve at restaurants where the meals are modularized. I also cannot recall spending even one night in the last 4 years on the bathroom floor sick like I used to almost every night. When I do get an episode it is very mild, and can always be matched up to an accidental or intentional ingestion of an offending food from this list. The exceptions where (2) flare-ups from candidiasis as noted above which responded to nystatin.-----------------------I recommend getting and reading this book, written by the leading authority on food intolerance and allergy Prof. Jonothan Brostoff, M.D. It will become evident why MAGGIEW is correct in what she said above: Have a DFDMNL_____________
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My triggers range from sitting there doing nothing to high levels of anxiety.I wish my IBS was food triggered - than I could just eliminate... It's hard to eliminate the stress and anxiety!
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tomatoes, ice cream, poppy seeds, pop, caffeine, store bought relish, anything that is too greasyHigh levels of stress[This message has been edited by GI Jane (edited 03-05-2001).]
Citric and Benzoic food additives, tomato sauces and fruity flavored products, citrus fruits, coffee, alcohol, dairy proteins, onions, vinegar and too much sugar period in my diet.
Here are some general dietary guidelines from the IFFGD. ------------------I work with Mike and the audio 100 program.
Stress, anxiety, pop, caffeine in excess plus I'm lactose intolerant.S.
Acu Gal,
! I have had many bosses that were triggers.------------------I work with Mike and the audio 100 program.
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Fried Foods, Mayonnaise, acidic foods, spicy foods, car rides, sitting on hard seats.
Chocolate is the death of me! Some BBQ sauces, & some hot dogs.
Stress, Not getting enough exercise, Exercising too rigorously, Not getting enough rest, Eating too much at one meal, Eating too fast, Eating too late in the evening, hormonal fluctuations Eating the wrong things -- i.e. for me seeds, nuts, fatty foods
Oranges, pizza, and some types of ice cream (I think it may be the sorbitol in the ice cream).
Here is my list in no particular order, other than as they come to mind.Any types of onions or onion flavoured products (ie. sour cream and onion chips), broccolli, cauliflower, peppers, cabbage, eggs, anything with egg in it - even a little, corn, corn products (such as corn chips, corn oil, corn syrup, pop corn), pop, artificial sweeteners, asparagus, leeks, endives, radishes, cucumbers, pickles, tacos (or spicy foods), pepperoni, sausages or other greasy meats, mayonaise, cheerios, cheese cake (boo hoo), hmmmmmm....if I can remember any more, I'll post again.
From what I have been reading on this BB it appears everyone has different triggers. Here are mine in oder of most severe to less severe: Wheat, rye, barley, malt, cow's milk, beef, chedder cheese, yogurt, onion, sweet potato, tomato, green beans, peas.I also react badly to all alcohol and avoid it completely even in cooking.I always react in restaurants so I never eat out.Stess also bothers me in whatever form it takes.Hope this helps you- be well!
Onions, green leafy things, pretty much all veggies, pepperoni, beans. Fruits are questionable. Carbonated beverages are really bad for me and I even have trouble drinking tap water in different states.The stress issue is secondary. I won't have an attack no matter how bad the stress is if I haven't had any trigger foods in several days. If I eat a trigger food in quantity, I will have an attack no matter how little my stress levels are.P.
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