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Please read Has anyone heard of this?

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Has anyone heard of Primal Defense MY friend just federal expressed me info from this web site I have given up untill now but i am going to try this I have crohn's for 13 years amny surgerys many lost jobs cannot seem too give men a chance for the fear men don't want to take care of sick women ( o.k. most ) I'm 38 and i feel alot older at times and extremly alone. Anyways,i'll try to keep a post when i start if i get some replys from this. Take care fellow crohny's
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Hi. I am sorry but I havent heard of this but it might be worth posting it on the Crohns site. Hope this helps.Em
This is basically just a probiotic. Probiotics are of limited usefulness. If your problem is gas or bloating it may be of some help. If you have crohn's there are medications to help one maintain remission but I believe you need to take them continually. For some reason people in the US seem to refuse to want to do this citing some sort of conspiracy between big business and the medical community etc. which are entertaining reads but rather dubious as to its validity.One basic ideal that I have found which seems to work for me is "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" This adage has always held up for me.Good Luck
That shouldn't stop you from trying though. Give it a shot... if you see improvement great... if not, quit.I have made good strides in improving my condition by trying things. I have tried probiotics... seemed to help in the beginning, but lost their steam after a while.The best thing for me has been aloe vera. I take gel caps whenever my stomach gets achy and it almost immediately settles it down. It seems to have helped my system recover a bit, and is very soothing during upsets.Just my 2 bits.
Primal Defense did nothing for me and I have found that Culturelle (Lacto GG) is a much more effective probiotic that is available in many health food stores and pharmacies.If you have Crohn's, then I would highly recommend Jini Patel's books, Listen to Your Gut and the IBD Remission Diet. She has Crohn's and has been in remission for years without medication, using mostly diet and natural supplements (aloe, Omega-3, CoenzymeQ 10, etc.) to control symptoms, as well as relaxation techniques.The main reason for trying to get off IBD/Crohn's medications is two-fold: the first being that over time they become less and less effective, the second is because they are mostly steroids and have long-term side effects.While I only have IBS, I have watched a dear friend go through hell with lifelong Crohn's -- surgeries, steroids, etc., along with poor medical advice.Anyway, the books mentioned above offer tremendous help for symptoms of IBS, IBD, and Crohn's.Best of luck and be well.
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