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Please read. I'm new and I need help!

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I have SEVERE has been about two CONSTANT years, and it is driving me crazy. it is a constant worry/stress, not to mention painful and the gas is EMBARRASSING!!I manage my C by using 1-2 glycerine suppositories a day, an enema once a week, laxatives 1-3 times a week, and a diet tea that causes BMs. (byt the way, can I use more than one glycerine suppository at a time?? anyone know? it takes 1-2 or more hours for them to work since i have been using them so long/often)I take fiber, don't eat much red meat AT ALL, and generally eat relatively well.I have gone through SEVERAL health food store regimines (colon-cleans routines, etc).And NOTHING is providing anything but TEMPORARY relief. If I go more than a day with out forcing a BM through the use of what i listed above, i get severe gas and cramping, not to mention the stress that goes along with this.I started taking Zelnorm on Monday, and have not had any relief yet... and have actually been getting worse, likely due to my stopping my regular "routine". I swear, if anyone lights a match near me, the entire room will explode. the gas is unbearable.Any suggestions/help/advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Constipation is taking over my life! I have had to cancel many plans and leave several meetings b/c of this!!Thank you!!
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One thing that seems to help me with constipation is eating one slice of heavy German pumpernickle bread celery. Be sure and drink lots of water as the bread is very heavy.
what is pumpernickle bread celery?
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