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Possible dating site for some ibs'ers

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erm i think ill give this one a miss, but hey what ever turns you on
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LOL WHATS WRONG WITH PUVBS AND CINEMAS... LOADS OF TOILETS IN THEM PLACES SORRY BOUT CAPS KEYBOARDS PLAYING UP.. i had D upto 20times a day and still meant a normal person and went to places whenever i could
I actually met my current boyfriend through an onsite dating called Love###Lycos. Hey it's not my ideal way to meet someone, but it works sometimes! Being a single mom, I find it hard to get out, so I did it more for that reason that not to go to a pub or something. I love nothing more than a night out on the razzle ut sadly I cant do it that often
One disadvantage is you can be easily fooled, and don't take everything people say to heart! It;'s too easy to lie over the net for a lot of people I find.
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Hubby and I met online chatting 2 1/2 yrs ago. He is PERFECT for me and I him. Now we both have IBS-D too! He had gallbladder out, IBS not from ME
Had IBS-D 7yrs ago. Problem is playing musical chairs in master bath if our main bath is occupied
Toilet paper gets used lots and toilet is not flushing like it used to!
Need a master bath with his/her toilets
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By the way I know many who have met dream mate online. The more I tell my story, the more I hear of others. #1 -Must be straight up representing YOU, no suprises/lies. #2 -be honest to others what your NEEDS are, no suprises/lies. #3 -have fun with it like I did. Just wanted to meet others to enlarge and somewhat add different flavor to my circle of friends.
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