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Possible IBS or IBD?

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My symptoms are constipation, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea every 2-4 months(I throw up for around 12 hours until theres nothing left including stomach acid), cramps, lower right abdomen soreness which doesn't last too long, noisy stomach, very painful bowel movements(feels like I'm going glass), bright red streaks on toilet paper which is getting pretty common, once maroon colored blood turning the water red, extreme fatigue, cramps, weight loss, insomnia...thats all I can think of right now there seems to be so many. I went to a doctor almost two months ago who wanted me to see a GI but the GI went out of town for a month and they couldn't schedule me an appointment because I am moving this coming weekend so until I move and find a doctor there I have to suffer.
He did send me for blood work so I would have the results to take with me. He said everything was normal other than anemia which I've had for years and my potassium was borderline low-normal. He also told me I would need a colonoscopy. I know you can't diagnos me but was just wondering what your thoughts would be or advice to help with the painful bowel movements until I can be seen. Thanks!
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