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Prayer and IBS

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Just curious if anyone else prayers during their attacks. I usually try to pray and repeat the same prayer during attacks until my symptoms subside, but I'm ashamed to admit that lately I've been struggling with my faith b/c I don't understand why this is happening to me and keep hoping for my miracle. I was just wondering how others stand with faith and IBS.
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Hi CandyI'm not a religious person (although my boyfriend is and we discuss it a lot) but I totally understand the desire to pray during the attacks.Having this disease is not a reason to lose faith, if you followed that logic then you should have lost faith already, look at all the terrible things that happen in the world. The universe is a strange place, we can't bend it in to shape, it is just what it is. Some of us are sick, and there's no justice in it and its not a punishment either. Perhaps God if he indeed exists chooses not to intervene for reasons we cannot understand. If God is (as the bible says) omnipotent and all powerful then the only conclusion is that he sometimes chooses not to intervene in situations of illness and manifestations of evil in general. You may never know the answer to that so why not keep faith if it gives you hope and comfort. Just don't expect it to make you better, because it might not. Again I am not a religious person but from my understanding God's purpose is to give us the hope and strength to endure life's struggles, not make them go away.
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Thank you Modgy for your inspirational post. It is so encouraging to read a well-balanced view towards faith/religion which doesn't verge into offensive territory but gives good, common sense advice.I hope CandyElfKY is also comforted by your words but I just had to add a response to give my appreciation. My 'faith' is very personal to me and I have ranted at 'God' about this condition. Your final sentence will stay with me.May you find the strength to live a good and happy life in this 'strange' universe.
I agree with what Modgy wrote.Very good advice. Hang in there & keep the faith. This IBS is no fun but I am sure there are millions of people in the world that are worse off than we.
These are wonderful posts - and yes, I pray anytime I am ill ~ but you know, the CS Lewis quote comes to mind too, pain is God's megaphone on a deaf world. Sometimes I guess He allows suffering for a greater good in us - I kick and scream all the way, cos I hate pain and suffering, but in the end, I know there is a reason behind it. Many times when I feel well, I am ashamed to say, I am not as prayerful as I should be - or thankful - so perhaps that is the lesson I need (not just IBS, necessarily, but other health issues I have had too.) Good topic - and may prayers be with ya!
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For a 'non-religious' person, that is an inspirational post, and I think you might be a lot more spiritual than you give yourself credit for, modgy.Maybe for us, IBS is the thorn in the flesh that Paul described. I think the key is to be accepting of and, yes, even thankful for, this affliction, even though on the surface at our human level of understanding, it's easy to wonder why we have this monster which often impedes on our ability and desire to attend church services or engage in voluntary work for the unfortunates of society.
Joycein. Please check your pms. I sent you a message a little while back and wonder if it arrived.
I find that with IBS/gas, etc... friends will disappear fast. But I have a Friend Who sticks closer than a brother!!!!!(Proverbs)Now that's a True Friend indeed!
To Arnie and everyone else who posted - I am really struggling with the religion issue, I was raised in an atheist home so faith does not come naturally to me, and I have to say certain aspects of organized religion repel me somewhat. But so far these are the conclusions I have come to:1) There must be an intelligence in the world greater than us. If we are the best the universe could come up with, that's pretty sad, and I can't believe it. Plus, just scientifically speaking, every species has a parent. If we are the be all and end all, there's no point to anything and we might as well indeed blow ourselves up. 2) Either our sufferings are part of a greater process or lesson in terms of humanity's spritual evolution, or again, there is no point to anything, and we might as well blow ourselves up.Beyond this, so far, I haven't grasped how to approach my spiritual life. I don't like the church my b/f goes to and I think some of his spiritual ideas are plain wrong and "passing the buck". I think some Christians put too much emphasis on the hereafter and too much emphasis on the forgiveness of sins...also much of the Christian worldview just doesn't correspond with what I have perceived about the nature of the universe...I would like to hear from anyone their thoughts on these and related matters...I feel at thirty years I need some maturity and wisdom in spiritual matters or I will be floundering and wasting my life.
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Modgy, I personally beleive the reason that god does not interfear in most situations.. is because life is a pass it, you spend eternity with him in heaven(or something to that effect, i'm a unorthadox christian. meaning I beleive in god. but i don't beleive in the bible.)and if you fail. you take the "class again" now before i get flamed for this, think about what strives our civilization to move forward. learning knowledge is power.
Aron I think you hit the nail on the head there, about life being a "test'.I guess whatever you believe it makes sense that in a world where we are given free will, that god does not intervene in many situations. For if he dropped what he was doing and came running everytime someone needed help what would be the point of granting us free will.
Exactly, I what he does interfear with, is things that were not in his design. not in our "destiny" like people who get ultra severe cases of Cancer, but somehow make a miricle recovery that leaves oncologists in absolute shock and awe.I used to pray when I was in pain.. and i am constantly. Not just with my stomach, slowly week by week. something else goes wrong with my body. something doctors still havn't given me an answer too. but it seems as each week passes. one of the problems go away, and a new one takes it's place.Anyways, yes what would be the point of free will. if god decided to come to aid us in our every whim and such? but.. as stated somewhere. that in a weird study. people who had people praying for them, or was praying them selves. recovered faster or recovered from certain things, that the other group who wasn't praying or being prayed for. but your mind can do alot. if you BELEIVE god is walking next to you. and healing you, your body will comply.I've healed grevious wounds before in half the time the doctor told me it would take, because i never let my spirit down. (I was thrown off of a bike, and in trhough the front window of a car before.)
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I think the trials we go through correspond with what we need to learn. if life seems unfair, i.e. 'look at her, her life is so easy, why me and not her?': maybe you didn't start off at the same point as another person, maybe you have different lessons and skills to, i have often thought that maybe, appearances to the contrary, an easy life is the severest 'test' of all. i know myself, and i know if i had had a much easier life, i would be a less pleasant person. i have a tendency to be somewhat pleased with myself anyway (hey, i'm no flux though!): if i'd got what i wanted whenever i wanted it i am sure i would have been insufferable. maybe i needed to learn basic human civility and kindness more than someone without ibs.
Modgy, I've just noticed that you live in Sydney. I had assumed you lived in the States which has, of course, a far greater church attendance and allegiance than in this part of the world. I imagine that most school leavers here would not be able to recite the Lord's Prayer from memory or would ever read the Bible. Apart from the charismatic churches, there tends to be a 'greying' membership of many churches.It is a shame, as the Bible gives hope and encouragement, as well as peace of mind. It also sets a standard for how to live and gives us the yardstick to love our neighbour as ourselves.The message preached so often today is how you can be blessed with happiness, wealth and good health. Yet, as Miss C alluded, it is in hardship that we are made stronger. When Job was struck with every sort of affliction, he did not renounce his faith. Sometimes I wonder why I don't have good digestion. I have prayed for it to normalise, and although I've felt frustrated, depressed and upset about it, I've never felt angry.They say that there are three answers to prayer:yesnowaitI hope we're all in a waiting phase and that, some day, we'll be rid of this physical hang-up.
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Hey all thanks for the replies which are getting me thinking along more productive lines!Miss C - the statements you made ring very true to me, but they also sound like the kinds of statements someone who might believe in reincarnation would make (?).As in I thought in the Christian theological view, every baby starts out as a perfect clean slate, and so it couldn't be quite the case that you needed to learn particular lessons unless you were a fair way on in life and were becoming entrenched in ways of being that require a "karmic" answer? Does that make sense?But I think your right that spiritual development is about what lessons we need to learn.Hey Arnie I didn't realise you were in NZ! Your right i've noticed here in OZ that its only the more "fringe" christian groups which are growing, and now they seem to be becoming active in politics too. My b/f is an old fashioned Anglican, and he worries about some of the new religious tendencies appearing in our country...
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Depends what kind of Christian you are. Bearing in mind that references in Jesus' teachings to reincarnation, were allegedly only wiped out of the Bible in the fourth century A.D.... too politically inconvenient.controversy! here come the thread hi-jackers!but these are details, in the end. if you believe that God is good, and loves you through your troubles, then none of us need to argue fine points of theology. How much better, to love each other, than to be right.God bless.
Hi everyone,I am still a newbie - but I will add my "two cents".I have been a believer in Christ for almost fifteen years. I have also been through many physical trials. Yes, I pray for the symptoms to stop - but I also pray for strength to bear up under the symptoms. I could not do this without the assurance that the Lord is not only walking beside me, but is holding me up when I am too weak to walk.I try to keep in mind the "Goodness of God". I keep a list of things that I am thankful for. I know when you are dealing with physical issues (and other issues as well) that that is difficult. I focus on simple things like 1) being able to eat (I have been on TPN) even when I do not like the "aftereffects and 2)I have wonderful health insurance!!! and 3) that whatever I am going through, other people are worse off than I am! - and I can in turn pray for them.I try to stay in the present and not try to fret about the future!I hope that what I have said is helpful.
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how about this for those who have problems with "organized" religions: Faith is the Substance of Things Hoped For, The Evidence of Things Unseen...Faith shall steady my vision and my pain and adverse thoughts shall be gone........ - and here: Prayer is simply talking to the Invisible to help accomplish the Impossible....I personally don't believe in a He God of the Judaic/Christian/Hindu faith but I am pretty much convinced that there is some kind of Divine out there bigger and stronger than I even if it is my own subconcious, which knows the true score, as Scott Peck says, - i often ask for help and succor from the gods within and without.......perhaps that can help someone else here who is adverse to the idea of some bearded guy in the sky....
Haha...yes, the bearded guy in the sky, I do find difficult to swallow.
I have always figured that there has got to be other realities than this. If there is a path for me after this life, I expect that it will be as surprising as this life has been. Still, to me, it makes the most sense that we are all a part of the One; however no explanation other than a good Buddhist rap on the head will clarify that.
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