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Prilosec & caltrate

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I have read a lot of postings from those of you taking Immodium. Might I suggest you talk to your doctors ### Prilosec? I have used it for extended periods of time w/ no side affects. Normally it is prescribed for acid reflux, but my regular doctor prescribed it for me because I had D so bad that I lost 30lbs in 1 month! It was miraculous! I haven't had any drug interactions and now I only use it when absolutely necessary. BTW 1 capsule last for 24 hours. so you only need it once a day. Also, w/ it I can eat anything I want.Another thing before I forget, I want to thank those of you who have suggested Caltrate. It has worked wonders. the first 2 days I used it in conjunction w/ prilosec and now i'm back to "normal" I'm just taking the caltrate now and experienced some gas but phazyme has solved that problem as well. I hope this has been helpful. You might want to give it a try ask your doctor. Good Luck!
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It doesnt make too much sense to me, Prilosec main side effect is diahrea. My doc gave me pantoloc, basically the same as prilosec. He choose the pantoloc because it causes less D. Besides, its for acid reflux, so why give it to you for D? Just asking, not trying to start something here.
Another acid reflux drug is " Prevacid" One of the side effects of both Prilosec and Prevacid is headache. However if you have acid reflux it acts as a blocker and give one great relief from the acid.I use Prevacid and have had very few side effects - we all react differently however.
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