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Prilosec - cured my IBS-C!!!

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Ok here goes.....I have not been officially diagnosed with IBS (am going for colonscopy at the end of Jan) but....had my gallbladder removed in March 2000....problems still persist with certain foods. Had a bad bout of IBS last month and Medical doctor put me on Prilosec. Calmed my stomach down and the IBS. I have had normal bowl movements and no pain. Still going for the colonscopy but love the Prilosec. Dr stated that 20% of people complained about Prilosec because it caused diarrhea...well guess what... I love seems to be working for me, keeping everything calm. Let me know if any of you found this to help......good luck
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I am actually going to the gastro doctor next week, so it's great to know this helped you. I will mention it to him.
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