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Primal Defense Supplement

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Has anyone taken this supplement and what were your findings? I don't mind purchasing it if it could work, but I would love to have some feedback from some of you.Thank you for all your help to me.
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I took it for about 4 months and it was hard to tell if it helped. I switched to VSL#3 because it has 450 billion bacteria per small packet. It is $3.00 per packet but dollar for dollar it beats all the rest. however, i am half tempted to switch back to the primal defense. I won't be saving any money because i had to take between 7 and 10 pills a day. At least i think I had to take that many.Here is the most important news. Ibsacol has ---without question-- done the most for me. I know this for a fact. It may not keep on working but so far i have gained the most relief from this product.Even though i have not experienced any real noticeable effects from ANY probiotic I will continue to take them because i think that over the long haul (1 to 2 years) they will make a difference.The one exception was when i had bad diarhhea 2 years ago and was as sick as can be (i thought i was going to die) that is when probiotics helped me get better. But it was actually homemade goat milk yogurt that helped much more. ---until i became intolerant of goat milk.
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I was taking primal defense for several months, and I found that it worked really well in promoting normal bms. However, I have since stopped taking it because I am in the middle of a bad flare up and everything seems to aggravate my IBS. I guess if you are feeling close to normal(whatever that is!), it would help.
HI Kel 1059, I am like you. I tried Primal Defense with some small success and now I have ordered Ibsacol. Why do you think Primal Defense didnt work for you. Any suggestions would be great I still have some of the Primal Defense left in my kitchen. So I am willing to keep trying it. Perhaps I neeed to take more ???
I tried Primal Defense, and it didn't work for me. I tried bumping up the dosage as my naturopath recommended, and that didn't help either. but my Naturopath did say it works for lots of people, but if it doesn't help with your flora or whatnot there are other things to try such as HMF Forte, which i got on Friday. I just started it so we'll see how it works. Also, like the previous user, I ordered Ibsacol too and I just received it today. I'm very excited.
Primal Defense did nothing for me. In fact, after several weeks of gradually bumping up the dosage (as Garden of Life suggests), I had one of the worst and longest-lasting episodes of D ever.
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