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Have any of you had any expierence with usingPrimrose for IBS-D? If so, how is it used?Anna
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That's a new one on me.This is what my herbal (John Lust) says about what primrose is for, none of which sounds terribly useful, unless what you need is nervousness control (I'd expect Kava Kava might be more helpful for that):"Anodyne, diuretic, expectorant. An infusion of primrose flowers is said to be helpful for ordinary and migraine headaches, insomnia, nervous conditions, and general weakness. A tea made from the flowering plant has been recommended for articular rheumatism. The rootstock makes a particularly good expectorant, a decoction being useful for catarrh, mucous congestion, coughs, broncitis, and lung problems. In Europe, the primrose is considered a 'blood purifier' useful for rheumatic, gouty and various other conditions attributed to contaminated blood. An ointment made of the leaves and flowers can be used for skin problems and blemishes. CAUTION: Some people are allergic to primroses and should, naturally, avoid medications made from them."K.[This message has been edited by kmottus (edited 01-15-2001).]
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Thanks so much for the info. What must my doctor be thinking??? She mentioned Primrose as another thing to try if Levbid/Imodium/Calcium didn't work. I couldn't find any info. about it. After reading your post I think I can forget Primrose. (What I really want is Lotronex!)Anna
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