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I too got that awful c-diff in May last year. As if having IBS isn't bad enough? No idea how I got it as I hadn't recently taken antibiotics or been in hospital. I think someone said on here that antibiotics you may have taken in the past can mess up your good flora. I did a lot of research on the net to find what might help to get rid of it, and also to keep it from coming back. I took Flagyl which was prescribed by my Dr. Apparently there are only two drugs which you can take for c-diff, Flagyl and Vancomycin and even with these drugs the c-diff can keep returning when the spores hatch. I read a lot about Culturelle and have taken it since May. Quite hard to get it over here in the UK and it's not cheap, I order it from �23.45 including postage for 30 capsules. I also take another probiotic which has also had good reports, this is one by Custom Probiotics, Acidophilus and Bifidus,it has a total bacterial count of 25 BILLION per capsule guaranteed until time of expiration. 90 capsules cost �35.99 and I get it from my health shop (needs to be kept in the fridge).Since May the c-diff has not returned so maybe these probiotics have worked, I'm scared to stop taking them in case the c-diff return!
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