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A fair number of people here take various probiotics.Some people get decent results, others do not. (like every other treatment for IBS).One reason they help a lot is that these bacteria do not produce gas from the digestion of carbs, and some with IBS do not handle even normal levels of gas well.After the Cipro you were quickly recolonized by whatever bacteria were around, so it was reformed very quickly, but randomly. Sometimes that means people get a different set of bacteria that may produce more gas than they used to, etc. and probiotics do help with that.You are constantly being recolonized and the probiotic bacteria are always transient residents in the colon. So you may need to take them regularly for extended periods of time. I've gotten to where I only need to take them every so often to keep the colon re-seeded with probiotic bacteria.They did reduce my fart frequency substantially when I found good supplements (they aren't regulated tightly and when tested a lot of supplements do not have enough live bacteria in them, Culturelle usually tests well)K.
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