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this is dumb, but what is a probiotic? how does it help constipation/digestion?
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You probably know that an antibiotic is meant to kill bacteria in your body. Well, a probiotic is meant to deposit bacteria. Your digestive system is full of "good" bacteria that help your body break down your food so that you can absorb the nutrients. If you don't have a plentiful supply of these bacteria, you run into problems. (Taking antibiotics are one way to kill them off.)You can get probiotics like as acidophilus and bifidus in cultured foods, such as yogurt or kefir. If you are deficient in them, I recommend you get a good brand of probiotic supplement. You have to reach critical mass before you will notice the difference, so go for one that has 30 billion to start with. After a month, cut back to 15 billion and see if it still works.That said, I have not noticed any difference in my C or D as a result of taking probiotics. I do, however notice a big difference in vaginal yeast infections and white tongue coating. Other people may have a different experience.L
Hi,We all have good bacteria/bad bacteria in our stomach and intestines. The ratio should be 85% good and 15% bad. When you take an antibiotic it is non-selective---it happily kills them all. For some odd reason the bad bacteria grow faster than the good can take up to six weeks to restore good bacteria after taking antibiotics. Therefore the bacterial ratio is usually reversed..15% good and 85% bad. It doesn't take a lot to disturb your enzyme balance...just get stressed and you can have a huge die off, resulting in upset stomach.Our foods have all the enzyme contained within them to digest them...but we cook our food..heat kills enzymes. So we have to replace those enzymes.When we buy cattle...just moving them from point A to point B will upset their digestive we feed probiotics for several days after arrival to help them to adjust to a slightly different diet than they might have been accustomed to previously...just different grasses can bother them. Human digestive systems are just as sensitive.Also as humans age they make fewer enzymes...a good probiotic is a worthwhile investment.Best Regards,Wildrose
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