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Probiotics and/or fructo oligo saccharides (FOS)...need help please!

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Hi. I am IBS-C with occasional D. Mostly C. My doctor recommended for me to take probiotics with acidophilus in them. I went to the health food store today to get them, and of course there were like over 50 different kinds there. I asked the nutritionist there what kind to get. She showed me this one kind she recommended, with lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidum and FOS (fructo oligo saccharides). She said the FOS is also wonderful in controlling IBS because it also promotes the good bacteria in the colon. Has anyone ever taken this type before? I took one today already. Also, how long until I see results, and are there any side effects?------------------All the best to everyone,Bonnie
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I don't believe I've taken FOS, but I've heard/read something about saccharides. Also, Culturelle and PB8 are other good probiotics.
Hi Bonnie,I'm not sure probiotics will help C but it is worth a try. It will not make it worse. It has no side effects that I'm aware of.This has been my experience with Culturelle which is a probiotic. I have been using Culturelle for over a year. It can withstand stomach acid so can be taken at any time.For me personally it has controlled intestinal gas. I take one capsule a day and two if I start to get D. I also have had no yeast infections since I've been taking it.I can't find it in stores, it's there someplace, so I order it by phone. You can find out about it at: It has been my understanding that whatever you use, to be sure it says on the container that it withstand stomach acid. This is often in health food stores in the fridge but I hear they have a brand at GNC stores that does not have to stay in the fridge. As for FOS it is my understanding that in effect it is some type of "food" for the friendly bacteria in the probiotic. I do take it also just to be safe.Hope this is of some help for you.------------------vikee
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Hi,I suggest trying to obtain a brand that contains enteric coated capsules and includes both FOS and high amounts of probiotics (at least 10 billion) within each capsule.Also, I was wondering on what grounds did your doctor come up with this diagnosis? (not that its any of my business - just that to my mind it would be a good idea to determine that you have a Lactobacillus/ Bifidobacteria deficiency first).I would like to see some scientific method applied to this diagnosis before patients are encouraged to part with $$ for a treatment that may not gurantee results. This would simply involve having a #2 sample analysed and a bacterial profile obtained before, during and after treatment - you need to know what the environment is like before you start, so that follow up tests will show whether the probiotics have gained some degree of equalibrium and this has also co-incided with symptom improvement.ZaPdOs.
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