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Probiotics Causing PAin?

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I am an IBS-C. I recently began taking probiotics and found myself in pain...kind of a gas pain. This went on for several days, so i stopped taking the acidophilus. Now I feel better. I am very confused by that! Has anyone else noticed and adverse effects of acidophilus?
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funny you should say that digilo--but i did get a few sharpish pains last night after taking an acidophilus(my insides are sort of achey now!).i'd been useing them on a regular basis for the past week and no problems till then. i figure its probably because i took them about half an hour before acctually eating, whereas i usually have them with meals(like it says on the box duh!).take care, nadeshdap.s--did you eat something you had'nt had in a while?
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