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Hi, I have had IBS basically my entire life -- lately it has become worse-I am now just about entering perimenopause and I have noticed my IBS attacks of pain and diarrhea are more frequent. I have read about a supplement called KE-99 LACTO it contains Probiotics.. has anyone heard of that or had any experiences?/ They do have a website also
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I've been taking probiotics for my IBS-C for two years and all I can say is thank god for them. I'd have jumped off a bridge a long time ago without them. When I take them I at least have some activity in my bowels as opposed to nothing for days. I take Natren's Healthy Trinity which ain't cheap but it beats the alternative. The Healthy Trinity stuff has a few beneficial bacteria, none of which I can spell, but you can check out their website at
Probiotics have helped me a little, likewise with bismuth.
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