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Proof of marijuana's effects?

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Hmmm.... Comments?----------------------SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea (news - web sites) has awarded high honors to a herbal medicine for constipation with marijuana as an active ingredient, the communist state's official news agency said on Thursday. The concoction of rhubarb, cannabis sativa (marijuana) and elecampane "gives no harmful effect to internal organs but activates their functions and promotes digestion by dissolving bile well," the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said. KCNA said the government had awarded a top science prize this year to the medicine made by Pyongyang Hospital of Koryo Medicine after it "completely cured" 97 percent of the thousands of constipated patients who tried it.
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I often need / like to smoke. often times I "smoke over it" temporarily numbing the effects of IBS, but can't say that it helps ( or hurts) with my constipation. (Definitely helps the bloating or the food hangovers in the morning.) It definitely makes life more enjoyable for awhile. If it's at night and I fall asleep with it, I usually wake up in the middle of the night and have to take citracel and drink water till the BM happens. The thing is, it relaxes me to the point where I'm not moving or standing, so the process slows down for me. You choose.
my boyfriend says he likes a joint to relax the body and then sometimes a poo will come thats been brooding... Sue
Are they eating this, or smoking it? Sounded like they were eating it. Rhubarb would probably help with the C. So far, and I've tried most everything, I haven't found anything that helps that much. I think IBS C is different from regular, occasional C. I never feel totally well. Even when I do have a good BM, I'm still not feeling well. But I personally don't see anything wrong with trying it. The marijuana, that is. I'd rather find more research before I'd go on the N. Koreans anyway.
I have really never found smoking to make my Ibs any better, at times it would even make me feel worse..but if it works for some than why not..
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Constipation? Marijuana? UmmmmmmmmmmmI dunno.Seems like the ever raging muchies would cause a whole set of digestive problems all their own.No really, come on here, how many of you who used to smoke never got the munchies?Yep, one stoned silly night out on a Jiffy mart stop and poof there coud go a whole month of good digestive homework.Nope, no toking or eating of the weed for me.Besides eating that stuff is only decent in a bakery treat and well, there again, there goes the chocolate brownie plug for the bum.Just my 2 unstoned cents.Kamie
anyone know what thias other element is? the elephantine or whatever. It might also be that marijuana does the same thing that hypnosis does?tom
post: It might also be that marijuana does the same thing that hypnosis does?_____________________________________________Ya think? Wow! Hypnosis for the enormously hilarious? Like, does hypnosis make everything unbelieveably funny and silly and therapudic in a belly laugh manner?How does hypnosis compare to pot for the true appreciation of timeless classics such as Powdered Toast Man and all the serious social comentary that imples.When I was existing in the alternate universe of comic significance, the thing I found most therapudic about pot was the tendency for the experience to give the perspective of hilarity to any given circumstance of mundane drearyness.Ah yes the comic magic of the cannibus.The other ingredient mentioned is elecampane. That would be a bright sunny little flowering plant which in the days of yore was steeped with wine as a remedy to the colic. botanical name: Inula HeleniumIt's also said to be an immune stimulent, and anitbiotic, antifungal and an expectorant.It has an effect on blood pressure and sedative qualities.Much like most other herbs of medicinal consequence you would need to study this plant before making the decision to use it as a therapy.Especially if it might be contraindicated by the IBS remedy police.You know what they say about us fictional crackpots who brew rubbish in our ashcans.As for Rhubarb, it's a hepatic simulent and works directly on the digestive system also as a stimulent.The ever tart Rhubarb pie is an old favorite treat however, we all must remember that the leaves of the rhubarb plant are poisonous.So I suppose one could cook up a rhubarb pie and kick back some elecampane tea and sit out under the stars sharing a toke and a discussion of the purpose of life.For more on the medical marijuana discussion of future trends, refer to the Nov.4th Time Mag. cover story.It will be interesting to see what the rich and powerful do with their money to front the cause for legalization.Kamie
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I think Tom's got the right idea. Might be relaxation.
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