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Kmottus, I have been amazed at what Tai Chi has been able to do for me. I have been at it for about 8 years, and have moved on to other of the Taoist arts. I am learning Lok Hup now.. I sort of wish the word could get out that it is a very effective way to manage problems such as IBS. However the results are not immediate (months of effort are required to learn the rudiments of the movements), and constant work is required to progress. People want faster results, and if the problem doesn't go away in a couple weeks, then it is deemed a failure. I have seen some pretty amazing things in the years I have been practicing, but the most inspirational is an 89 year old woman who is a member of my club. In her late 70's, she lost her eyesight and was bed-ridden with arthritis. Somehow, she heard about Tai Chi, and learned the movements. She still comes to the club every day to practice for an hour. I practice the Taoist form.. what school of Tai Chi do you practice? [This message has been edited by bunged up (edited 12-19-2000).]
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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