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Yep, my GI told me to start yoga or tai chi and gave me the name of a time management book to read!!!!!Of course none of those things made the slightest difference to my G, C and B symptoms.During the most stressful times of my life I have been IBS free (Uni exams, engagement breakup and selling of house etc). However, I notice that when I have a period of sudden great unexpected emotional trauma (as opposed to merely being stressed at work or really busy)as in 3 weeks ago when my relationship ended out of nowhere, I got a bout of intensive D (almost liquid) for a week, then it was back to C again! It was like my body's reaction to shock, and all of those hormones, adrenalin etc which kick in when you experience an unexpected and devastating shock in your life.Definitely a mind-gut connection there...
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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