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Public bathrooms.....

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It's sure nice to know that I'm not the only person suffering from this disease. I'm amazed that there are so many people! I'm basically housebound all the time which means I have no life. I suffer from anxiety attacks, too. However, if I'm having a day when I think I can go out for a little while I start into anxiety and my stomach start rumbling. I have such a phobia about using public bathrooms...the think is that once the ibs kicks in I'm not sure I can even make it from the bathroom to the car and back home. I haven't seen this mentioned on the I was wondering if other are dealing with this kind of thing. My dh and kids have just learned that some days I'm good and some I'm not so good and they have dealt with me wonderfully. However, my brothers and sil think I'm crazy and don't bother with me much anymore. That's what I was wondering about...the public bathroom thing. Thanks.
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I know how that is. I also have to go to the br right away and I hate public restrooms. They are GROSS!!! I have to be at home to go and I have anxeity attacks all the time along with the IBS. I don't really know what to do yet about the public restroom thing yet but I justed wanted to let you know that u aren't alone. If you find anything out let me know.
Hi,I have a problem with public bathrooms..One time I was in a Wal-mart and had a bad attack of D it was either i went in my pants or used the restroom so i opted for the bathroom...What I did was loaded the toilet seat with paper and just prayed that it would go away fast...I closed my eyes (so I would not see anyone's feet and know that they were there) and held my ears closed with my hands(so i would not hear people talking) and pretended I was in my own bathroom..I know it sounds crazy but it got rid of my anxiety.. Think about trying it maybe at a friends house or someone that you feel comfortable with....Believe me I know what you are going through....The whole thing just sucks.....Good Luck-----Chris
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I know how you all feel I hate public restrooms, but when I'm out I'm to far from home, I have to use them if needed. This is the worsed my son plays football and all of his prac. are at a park they have restrooms with no doors. I couldnt believe it when I first seen them so I load myself up before we go. Thank god I havent had to use them! Good Luck to everyone!!
I hate public bathrooms
. Whether I have D or not, it seems like I always have to go when I'm at a mall or something. I heard that the doornobs and faucet handles in public bathrooms are often more infectious than the toilet seats.
. I always try not to touch anything (use tissue to open doors, etc.), but that's not always easy when you have to go really bad. After I wash my hands, I turn off the faucet and open the door with paper towel. Plus I always carry instant hand sanitizer, in case I have to touch a doornob - yuk!
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Ok, I guess I'm in the minority, but I don't have any problem with public bathrooms. I'm just so thankful they're there! The only ones I don't like are one stall bathrooms. I'm always afraid someone else is going to need it before I'm done. I like to know that I can spend as much time in there as I want to.
I also will go to any kind of restroom when I have an attack. Any restroom is better than the alternative.
Well I dislike public restrooms too, but now I've got a new fear....public restrooms with my 2 1/2 year old son! I usually try to just go out between meals since most of my attacks start less than an hour after I eat. Only twice, on road trips alone with my son, I've had to get him out of his car seat and into a nasty (and I mean nasty) public restroom before I had the D in my pants. Now that isn't fun, trying to have a quiet D attack and keep a little guy from bolting out under the door or not to un-roll ALL the TP. Life is always an adventure!
Hi Kamms .... I can identify with your problem. I actually know every more or less decent public toilet within miles of my home. Especially places I often go to. I also carry a purse size can of Glen 20 (in Australia ... similar to Lysol in USA). I use it liberally. Call me paranoid, but I also have disposable rubber gloves in my hand bag. I went to a toilet once where there was blood sprayed on the door, and inside knob. I held the door shut with my foot, put on the gloves, then used the spray on just about everything. I have it down to a fine art and it only takes seconds. It also masks the smell somewhat (my smell as well as the smell of the toilet). I have found myself in a long queue before, reminded myself that I am unlikely to see any of these people ever again and announced that I was about to have an attack of D all over the floor and ppl were only too happy to let me move to the front of the queue. I usually go before I start my shopping just in case. I have a spot where I always park my shopping trolley in the supermarket if I have to run suddenly, and know the shortest route to the toilet. The trolley is always waiting for me when I get back. I avoid clothing shopping when I am having a bad day. I have found department stores where the bathrooms are close to the fitting rooms just in case of emergencies. I find that with as much advance planning as possible I can go out confidently. Any port in a storm is my favourite catch phrase, but it sure helps to be prepared and be able to sanitise that port if necessary.Take careKristy
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I have to agree with newlearner, I think any restroom is just fine with me. I have accepted the fact that it can strike anywhere at anytime and one time someone did have the audacity to say somethign to me about it in a public restroom and I said "Just be thankful you don't have what I do." They didn't know what was wrong with me and they didn't want any closer to me than they were so they quickly got out and away. If you gotta go, you gotta go....everyone has to at some point--maybe not like us but some day, some time they will have a problem and what will their options be?
Like Michele, I have no problem with public bathrooms - just grateful when they're around and easily accessible. I agree that some can be just awful and it's better to close your eyes, but even those I am grateful for since I only use them when I'm completely desperate.nancy
You're not paranoid Kristy, just practical. Lysol spray and disposable gloves - good idea!
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I can't stand public restrooms. When I have a D attack it is beyond embarassing. Explosive diarrhea is so loud and the smell is.....well you guys know.People do make comments and it is hard to continue shopping or whatever and run into those people again. Think about it. It's even hard for your own family to understand it much less strangers.I use spray too, but sometimes everything mixed is not a good thing either.I just keep praying for a cure or at least a SAFE medicine to stop it.
Hey! Yup, i too hate public bathrooms, or using bathrooms at someone's house (like on a date!!) That happened to me once, so i used to upstairs one! One thing I find helps a little, is that if you're anxious about the 'sounds', just flush the toilet, and make all the noise you want, than flush again.
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