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Hi Kamms .... I can identify with your problem. I actually know every more or less decent public toilet within miles of my home. Especially places I often go to. I also carry a purse size can of Glen 20 (in Australia ... similar to Lysol in USA). I use it liberally. Call me paranoid, but I also have disposable rubber gloves in my hand bag. I went to a toilet once where there was blood sprayed on the door, and inside knob. I held the door shut with my foot, put on the gloves, then used the spray on just about everything. I have it down to a fine art and it only takes seconds. It also masks the smell somewhat (my smell as well as the smell of the toilet). I have found myself in a long queue before, reminded myself that I am unlikely to see any of these people ever again and announced that I was about to have an attack of D all over the floor and ppl were only too happy to let me move to the front of the queue. I usually go before I start my shopping just in case. I have a spot where I always park my shopping trolley in the supermarket if I have to run suddenly, and know the shortest route to the toilet. The trolley is always waiting for me when I get back. I avoid clothing shopping when I am having a bad day. I have found department stores where the bathrooms are close to the fitting rooms just in case of emergencies. I find that with as much advance planning as possible I can go out confidently. Any port in a storm is my favourite catch phrase, but it sure helps to be prepared and be able to sanitise that port if necessary.Take careKristy
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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