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Pulling a muscle cause for flare up?

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I've noticed that a couple of times now when I've pulled a muscle either down the side of my chest/abdomen or back - it seems to do something to set of my IBS a bit. I don't know if it's from the muscles tensing and contracting? Or maybe it's just a psychosomatic thing.
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Usually pulled muscles hurt.Pain is a physical stress on the body.Physical stress can set off IBS just as much as mental or emotional stress. Stress of any kind never makes any disorder go away for awhile. Would be nice if stress cured something but it never does.
it sounds like stress.........if ur body is always on the edge of stress, then anything would effect ur body, in this case, making the ibs worse........if ur adrenals can't keep up or r under-active, it could b why u have ibs........i have this problem & any stress makes me almost not want to leave the bathroom.........have u tried licorice root DGL?? helps the adrenals, depends on how much adrenal issues u have...........i had to find a dr who would treat me for adrenal fatigue.........experimenting with my adrenal meds has allowed me to get a much better handle on my problems.........look up adrenal fatigue, u may find other things on the list u r dealing with.........
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