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Q about bentyl

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I just got put on bentyl last night...i was reading some old things about it and you guys were saying it helped with question is, what is the cramping you are talking about??? I tend to get stomach aches after i eat that are very HIGH in my stomach (right on top of the breast bone)but i wouldnt call it cramping. Anyway, i havent used it yet so im waiting.
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cat,Bentyl is an antispasmodic so basically it calms the colon . The peristaltic motion is what move the naterials through the colon for removal. So if you have D it will slow it down some.A lot of us have contractions that are so strong they are essentially a cramp in the colon. Be very glad if you've never had them yet. They will stop you from doing anything until they pass!!
ok well...see i dont really have D...i just have the urgency but not really D. I get the pain like i said high in my chest which is why im thinking they might be wrong??
catscratch,Who put you on Bentyl? They must have done so for a reason. I am usually somewhat C w/ bloating and pain and when I had a very unusual bout of D and strange cramping, by dr. put me on Bentyl. I guess it worked, but wasn't miraculous. Are you going to start taking it?
G doc put me on it. I was on hysocamine first and that wasnt working so she put me on bentyl. Thats why I am thinking that i might be misdiagnosed. Like most of you guys say you have stomach aches and stuff and i do too..but they arent in my stomach...they are higher. Plus after i eat, i do feel an urgency but i usually DONT have diarrhea (its just watery i guess..but the fibercon helps with that). Basically, the only probelm i have is getting the high stomach aches (where it feels like if i do crunches it will help (but it doesnt) ya know??? Besides, it MUST be something else because acid is ruining my teeth..and ibs wouldnt do that..
I have IBS - D and have been on Bentyl for 3 weeks I had major cramping that was like in my lower abdomen and usually when I got them I would curl up in a ball and wanna cry and it felt like I had to go D but it would just tease for a little bit before anything happend , The Bentyle helped with that all the way. Except for the tired , blurred vision I love the stuff. Before all this I had upper stomach pains and they tested me for Ulcers and walla there was teh cause of that.
Catscratch, was tests did they do with you and what did they tell you you had. ------------------
the only test i ever had was an upperGI and a gallbladder ultrasound. They thought i had an ulcer but that came up negative and so did the gall bladder stuff. See, reading your posts i see that you guys get LOWER cramping but i never get that at all. Its all high and helps when i push on it. Then after awhile my stomach will start bubbling and making nooise and then the pain will go away.
Catscratch, they might need to do more testing, but there is also something called funtional dyspepsia you might look into, at the moment I can find a lot of information on it. Something to look into though. Off hand it doesn't sound like they have done enough to rule out all possible organic diseases.------------------
It definitely seems like an Upper GI problem to me. Maybe you should consider getting tested again. My doctor wanted to do an Upper GI Endoscopy b/c of only very mild heartburn and he found a mild hiatal hernia, which I guess it not something to worry about. But your pain seems to warrant more investigation. Good luck!
so if its uppergi thaen its not ibs right??? I will not get another upperGi though, worst experience of my life. I want to know about that other thing you were talking about though....
Cat,Do you have problems with reflux?? I would never second guess your doctor cause I do not have their training. Call up and ask him what symptoms the medicine is supposed to help.
i know i must have reflux because my teeth are dissolving and they think refllux is part of it- although it didnt show up o the GI. There is no other explination but that is why i switched doctors
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