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Q about Digestive Advantage

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I have been hearing alot of things about DA and was wondering if its okay to take DA along with Calcium? Is anyone taking both Calcium supplements and DA together?
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I don't know of a problem taking both. Usually the sorts of things calcium does when taken with other things I don't think applies to taking bacteria.If you are really worried take them at different times.K.
Just wanted to let you know, if you haven't already bought the DA, and aren't in much of a hurry, you can go to this site: Site for Free DA SamplesI can't remember how long it took to get my samples, but they give you like, 20 pills or so. I think. If I remember right, I got more than 2 weeks, but not 3 weeks worth. So, anyway, just thought you might wanna check it out
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BJ,Thanks for the info
... Ordered some Free DA Samples cannot wait to receive them.
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BJ,Have you been taking the DA? Any effects?
Tried taking this product and has absolutely done nothing for me!Waste of money
I took it for about 2 weeks, and it didn't do anything for me. I have really, really mild IBS. Don't really have Diarrhea or Constipation, but my stomach hurts almost constantly, and I was diagnosed with IBS. Though, I think it's more of an anxiety problem than a bowel problem....So, anyway, it didn't do anything for my pain. It may work better for someone with more symptoms.
quote:Originally posted by Cassandrea:I have been hearing alot of things about DA and was wondering if its okay to take DA along with Calcium? Is anyone taking both Calcium supplements and DA together?
I took DA for about six mos, it helped for a while then I went back to my old problems, uncontrollable IBS-D. AM now trying Regulux. Too soon to tell if it will help.
I was taking Digestive Advantage and it seemed to be helping me. I went to buy another box a few weeks ago and the package looked a little different to me, so I looked at the ingredients and they changed their formula. It now has mannitol in it, which is a sugar alcohol like sorbitol and that can cause diarrhea. So I can no longer take this product. I was not too happy about this and e-mailed the company. They didn't have a whole lot to say.
Calle, I noticed the same thing! It seemed to be helping me a little at first but I wasn't sure, so i decided to keep trying it. I noticed the new packaging and it was strange, that I started having big time D again. Do you have any more info. yet on what the company said? Why would they change the ingredients? It now seems like a scam to me, and I think I am going to try Calcium Carbonate and ESDIFAN. If you get any info. on DA. Could I see what they said?
I have been taking the Digestive Advantage and I have had good results! I am wondering though if it would cause acne? I have developed it since I have been on it. Would appreciate any input! Thanks!
I can't think of any way they would case acne
I googled it and all the acne sites seemed to think that you should take them, especially if you take antiobiotics for the acne which is common.Companies change formulations all the time, does not make the a scam. They may have changed sweeteners for any number of reasons (like to make a chewable tablet taste better). Most people (and some people are more sensitive, but generally it does take a good dose to cause a problem as .05 grams of anything can only produce so much gas or hold only so many water molecules in the stool) can tolerate the amount of sorbitol that is used to sweeten a pill. The amount in a sugar-free low carb meal replacement bar is usually enough to set even a few normal people off and that is often 10's of grams, not a minisucle amount. And if the probiotics digest the sorbitol instead of your gas producing bacteria that should also minimize the problem.Now I think they'd be smart to take it out just because it would turn some people off automatically.K.
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Thanks Kath M for your input about the acne---it makes sense!
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Can anyone tell me exacly what Flavonid and Provex CV are all about?? Is it something that can be bought over the counter? Can it be taken with other medications we are already on? Is it specifically for diarrhea?? I would be very grateful for any input! Right now I take six Lomotil a day, calcium, and the new Advantage IBS. Thanks!
They are dietary supplements so available without prescription.Flavonoids are compounds found in things like red grape skins and green tea. The Provex CV is a specific brand of them.I do not believe it is marketed as a treatment specifically for diarrhea.K.
This following statement is from the makers of Digestive Advantage - As a result, the sugars in the small bowel that are not being absorbed are immediately utilized by the bacteria to fill this need. Un-digested sugars (mainly lactose, fructose, and sorbitol) can trigger the symptoms of lactose intolerance and when these sugars are fully absorbed or utilized; the symptoms disappear." So then WHY would they put in their product mannitol, which is the same as sorbitol. They also added aspartame. Personally I think they have ruined the product and I will not touch it now. I told them I will not being using their product any longer and asked WHY they did this. Like I said in my previous post they had no real answer. The person that e-mailed me back just mentioned something about Di-pac which is also new in the formula and totally disregarded my question about mannitol.
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