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Hi Lilymaid & Everyone
Thanks for this very interesting *ibs* related test.score: 52 (proud Canadian, Im not sure how "bad" this interpretation tho Im sure our feelings are justifiable *sniff*)The 5's I marked for myself were under:(3) I am not an "outgoing" person because of my condition. (4) I take less of an interest in things as compared to when I did not have IBS.(9) I do not socialize as much as I did before my condition developed.(13) Other people do not understand what it is like to have IBS.Evidently, the impact of ibs on my life is enormous. Angelkitten, I agree, there is just no way a non-ibser could ever fully understand the implications of this illness. While my family is my greatest support(er), the ibs void remains still.Hope everyone's ibs goes away!! yay!! [This message has been edited by Lisa K (edited 09-09-2000).]
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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