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Question about Fleet Phospho-Soda

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Has anyone who has real bad constipation had a problem with Fleet Phospho-soda not working or making them real sick.I have to take the stuff but am afraid to because every other prep I've taken in the past hasnt worked and am afraid this may be another bad experience and will not work and cause more problems and pain.I would really appreciate some "hand holding" here ... I'm not sure if I'm just scaring myself, it's just that I have had such bad experience with these osmotic laxative because they seem to just cause lots of water retention in my colon but nothing comes out.
Haven't tried this prep though. Am I just scaring myself!
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I really don't know what will happen to you. I used the Fleet Phosphate Soda and it didn't work for me. Then again I was taking supplemental fiber up to the day of the Prep. I am also on many meds and fell asleep between doses of Fleet!!Some people have used Fleets Phosphate Soda with Dulcolax Tablets....from 2 to 6. And some people also strayed on a liquid diet for two days before the Prep.My Doctor is doing the procedure again and said he will use the Prep he uses for a Barium Enema. I have had Barium enemas and Colonoscopies years ago. Then the Prep was something like this....Light food intake for 5 days, no fiber, no beans or a lot of fat, then one day of only liquids, the next day of clear liquids and the Prep was laxatives and enemas that caused lots of pain and cramps. But this worked!!!I think this time before the colonoscopy he may give me some combination of diet and castor oil etc!!!! I can deal with all the cramps and pain cause my IBS is not too painful or no pain.Talk with your Doctor about using Dulcolax with the Fleet Prep.Wishing you luck. Know you have suffered a lot. My heat and prayers are with you!!
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Vikee,Thanks so much for your feedback. Surprisingly, I took half a bottle and it worked OK. No big deal but felt better and less harsh than the terrible laxatives I've been taking.I may want to try Miralax on a daily basis, seen that this worked better than I thought.Thanks for your advise and suggestions.
Fleet for me did make me vomit on the 2nd dosage the day of the tests. I had done a lot of what Vikee mentioned and not eaten too much for a couple of days before. It sure worked on me though...nothing like drinking some human Drano!!!
Wow, that's a pretty way to describe fleet phosoda ... it IS like human Drano.I dont think I could survive 3 bottles of that stuff ... I admire all you brave people. When I had the colonoscopy I had several colonics and took laxatives ... I would not survive what you guys go through. I'm such a coward!
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