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Question for CkatGo

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Hi! I thank you for sharing your success the other day with flaxseedandfruit smoothie/flax in a glass of waterat night/2 liter of water thru day. A few Questions for you: Have you been continuing to do the above regimen every day? Is it still "working" for you? How many tablespoons or teaspoons of flax seeds did you put in your blueberry banana smoothie?Any other ingredients went in there?Blueberries "worked" for me once, but they also gave me a tad bit of cramping and quesiness (feeling sick to my stomach until they were eliminated) blueberries cause this for you? I am beginning to try the ground flaxseed stirred into a glass of water after dinner....I almost choked on them though..guess i need to grind them up finer. You do grind them up right? Do you chew them or just swallow the "potion" without chewing? Thanks for all your answers!
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Hello!! I am sorry if my reply is late, a long weekend full of all kinds of events my shake has banannas, blueberries and soy milk and flax seed. the flax seed i take is bought already ground, but i suspect you would have to grind it up pretty fine. I do sometimes put it in water as well, its hard to swallow, but it works. two tablespoons at a time. I think its the fact that this is insoluable fiber, so it goes straight thru the system. no, i dont do this everyday. i worked then it didnt, i actually smoked a ciggerette the other day, even though i am trying to quit, and that "got things moving" so i am going to try it again and see if i have any luck tomorrow. i am also trying some apple bran flax muffins and see how that works. Ill let you know. hope this helps. let me know how it goes.....
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