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Question for Joe (or any of you animator-types)

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OK, so I'm getting off the beaten path, but this really important to my peace of mind and therefore to my peace of gut. Can you save more than one of those things to your clipboard (duh?) and if so, how do you get the one you want to come up again? I THINK I saved more than one, but I don't know where to look. Thank you, Joe, or any of you other geniuses.
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top of screen click file, then browse, file type pick the gif file. look in : c then windows, open file. they should be in there that is where all mine saved. good luck. good luck i just learned yesterday.
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tmo,If you have one URL in the clipboard and you copy another the first one is gone. There are some programs out there that let you copy more than one thing to the clipboard but I haven't used them. The best way would be to copy the URL to the clipboard and the paste it into a word processor then copy the next one to the clipboard and paste it into the word processor eetc... Then save the word processing document. You'll have them all handy when your ready to use them. Just highlight the URL with the mouse and copy the URL from the word processor to wherever you want to use them.tina,The files won't work for anyone but you on your computer when they are stored on your hard drive. They have to be on the internet somewhere. The pictures in your post will only show up on your screen. Not ours. All we see is a small box with a red X in it. Hope this helps.------------------Joe
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