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Hi Rose
,with Propulsid, the food in my stomach seemed to "digest" quicker, reduced nausea, gassy-feeling, "fullness" & acid-reflux. I believe it helped my "stomach" problem but not my intestinal cramps...My Gastro-Dr mentioned that propulsid may stimulate the colon as well since it tends to "move things" along quicker in the upper GI tract. After trying it out for 2 weeks, 30% of that time my colon was cramping a bit more than usual so I decided to discontinue it, since I m an IBS-D or biggest problem iswith my upper-stomach (pre-ulcer like symptoms I guess & intestinal cramps)...double trouble. It may help you Rose..I think Karen noted that it helped her somewhat, cant recall precisely, might have to check original thread again. I really do miss her...I better email her about the party Sunday!dont forget Rose to alert the others too!
. Good Health to us all!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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