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Hi, As a yoga/pilates instructor, I'd say first off that its great that you're doing yoga. But once a week isn't enough. 3 times per week is the minimal best, and will also lessen the chance of injury. Even if its at home for 15/20 minutes. There is an amazing array of videos on the market for whatever level of yoga you want.Every yoga flow can be good for IBS if you're breathing correctly. Deep, fluid breathing. Fill up the lungs & expel completely. The rhythmic breath keeps you calm through the challenges. It's imp to breath correctly all day anyways, as shallow breathing leads to the body being in flight/fright mode continuously, which effects most body systems negatively, including the intestinal microflora...Off track there--sorry! Good poses specific for digestion are a five breath cobra, and all back bending poses--bow, camel, bridge, reverse warrior, etc. Great poses to relieve the lower back & start to detox the liver, spleen & kidneys include all relaxing spinal twist moves. Any forward bending motion induces automatic relaxation in the central & autonomous nervous systems...Meditation at the end in corpse is the best, and sometimes the hardest, but it's an incredible way to start & maintain low stress throughout the day. Inversions & back bends also release "happy hormones" to take through your day.Doing yoga every day would be best--even if its just 15 minutes of sun salutations and some bows & twists...Enjoy!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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