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You see that little "picture" icon? It is suppose to represent me. Well it's ugly and I hate it. Is there a way we can put our real photo on here?
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I also want to know why on some of the profiles there is no picture just an x and a name of the person?
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Chris, you have peaches now.... I like them!
ive been trying to put a pic of my own on here for weeks but its impossible! i know this message has no point to it but i love to rant!
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It'd be nice for them to let us upload a "real" picture of ourselves. I would love to see all your faces!!!!!
I would love to see your pics. Have you all tried to "Provide custom avatar" link under the "custom avatar" link under "edit Avatar" link in "view/edit" profile under " Profile" under "My Space" under "Go" at the top left of the forums. BTW you can add the custom avatar only if you already have it on a web page with just the custom avatar(your pic) by itself.
Have you uploaded your picture to a webpage.You can't copy and paste them off of your computer.The picture has to live on the web on a page where it has it's own URL (so when you use that URL the ONLY thing that is in the window is the picture).There are a number of free picture hosting websites that work.Once you have the picture with it's own URL then you can use that URL for custom avatar or post in a post using the image tagsI think when there is no picture the person did not update their profile when we moved to the new platform.K.
If you don't have it uploaded to web page you can upload it to You need to make an account there. It used to be free, might still be.
Thanks Guys, I am going to try your suggestion later today. I hope it works.
yes i think the avatars on here are so un-cool, sorry but they are,god i had to opt for a plate of apples in the end as its the only avatar with grub.I was hoping there would be a big slap up meal avatar, i had the chicken one for a bit but thought that does not represent me (im no chicken more like a great big bloody vulture) well it is a bird..Id love to get my pic on here so everyone can think god that joolie is one hot mama
ah well we can all dream(cant we??)
oh just had a thought i could get a pic of a british bulldog for my avatar
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Joolie, did you look at all the pages
is your bulldog
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