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Questions about digestion

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Just a few quick questions....1. Normally I off-load, or so to speak, quite a lot a day when in the toilet. Today I have had 2 BMs but both have been quite slight in amount passed. Could this mean I am constipated, or would I pass nothing at all if constipated ? 2. As I have never been constipated before in my life (but only got IBS within last 2 weeks) do you feel the need to go but can't go, or do you never feel the need to go when constipated but it all just builds up ?3. Although I never normally look at my stools, I did today as I was worried why it was so slight. I noticed a pea was within a stool (the only one I properly looked at). I had peas last night for my meal, but I thought the stomach could digest these ? Any reason it was still fully formed when it came out ? Is this normal ?Sorry for all the questions. Thanks also to everyone from this forum, it is a great place and very informative !
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