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Questions about Endoscopy (having it 5/21)

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I am having an endoscopy tomorrow morning. Is this a simple procedure? Do they knock you out for it? (I hope so!).
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Barb, Here is a link that describes it well. This site is also great for all kinds of other info. Hope this helps.BQ
I had it att the same time I had the colonoscopy and I was knocked out . Didn't feel a thing. Ask the Dr. exactly what he is going to do.Good luck.Lin
I've had two of 'em. I was told I would go into "twilight sleep" where I wouldn't feel anything but I would be aware enough to follow directions. I was out like a light. The only thing I remember is the hurricane spray into my throat to numb it, the nurse pushing the Demerol into the IV, and then giggling until I woke up with the doctor pulling the tube out of my throat. I call them endochokeys. But really, it's a simple procedure that's pretty fast and I don't remember feeling anything except at the very end, and even then it's not that bad.
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