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Jenny, a lot of people here take Questran. You can search for past discussions by using the "search" feature. It is right below the buttons at the top that say "Post New Topic" and "Post Reply." Just type "questran" into that search engine, and it will bring up all the past topics about it. My husband uses it for constant D. It has worked nearly perfectly, and it worked fast, within a day or 2. He uses 1 scoop per day in the morning. His friend at work uses 3 scoops per day in 2 divided doses (one scoop morning-2 scoops before he goes to bed). It would depend on how it's working for you. I'd try one scoop each day for a week or so. If you still have considerable D, take 2 scoops for awhile. Play around with the dosage. That is one of the nice things about the powder, you can easily adjust. Be very careful though, and do not overdo it with too much too soon, because you can possibly get stuffed up and that would be a very serious issue. Take it slowly, weekly, 1 scoop at a time, and you should be okay.Keep using it, as some of the folks here didn't get relief for a week or up to a month. If it works as well for you as it does for my husband, your life will change. It's been the greatest thing ever for my husband. Nearly zero D now.The calcium works for many people too. You can also search that topic with the search engine. A lady named Linda is helpful to people wanting to try the calcium, and she offers many helpful suggestions that you can find by reading the old posts.Good luck to you.
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