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Abdominal pain for me is the symptom that most interferes with my daily life. Even when it is not intense and only a mild, constant, ache, it affects my concentration and hugely increases my tendency to procrastinate a taxing job and 'do it some other time when i can focus'.

This effect on focus used to take a toll on my revision when I was at university. I could not sit in a library for extended periods of time with a severe stabbing pain in my large intestine!

I noticed that if i could pass some gas or go to the washroom to have a bowel movement then it would cause the pain to be relieved. Now the only problem is that you can't force yourself to go to the toilet or pass wind all that easily.

I have a little trick though, to help me pass wind to relieve the pain for a few hours:

Imagine one of those puzzle games with the liquid mercury droplets:


You have to tilt the maze around so that gravity will guide the mercury droplet around and out of the maze.

Well this is the exact principle I use for getting gas out of my large intestine. The large intestine is like a very simple maze. But gas wants to go up and this means it can stick around in some of the corners of the large intestine and folds of the intestinal wall.

So here it is:

You need to rotate your body so that the gas can move around up, down, left, right, backwards, forwards etc.

The easiest way to do this is attack each position for about 5 seconds.

  • Lie flat on your back. Completely relax your abdominals. Take deep breath and hold. Then do a deep exhale and hold that too.
  • Then roll onto your right hand side and repeat.
  • Same for your left hand side.
  • Now roll on your front and stretch your abdominals by using your arms to lift your upper body up, arching your lower back and stretching the abdominals. Breathe in deeply and exhale completely.
  • Now lie on your back. Lift your knees to your chest. Grasp them to your chest with your arms underneath the backs of your knees and then proceed to roll backwards onto your shoulders. This will mean your butt is now above the level of your intestine.

All the while you should be trying to force out a fart. This may all sound funny and it really is actually! It takes 2 minutes (and a place with a bit of privacy to roll around on the floor) and it can relieve me of gas and pain for a many hours.

You will find that certain positions allow you to release a fart because that was the position that allowed the gas to squiggle its way out of your intestines. One of the most effective positions is the last position with your knees to your chest and rolling backwards to elevate your butt.

Good luck guys!
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