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Racing through IBS! Advice?

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Hi all..I am going to be in my first race on the 29th..3.2 miles. It's not a huge deal to run that distance, but I'm nervous cause running almost always makes me get the D's. How do I get through it? Has anyone on here raced before with IBS D and gotten through it OK? Do you have any words of wisdom? Does imodium help if you take it before you run?
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If I were you I would definatly take the immodium before you run. I too, have competed (mini-triathalons) and in addition to modifying my diet for a few days before a race, I take the immodium.Good luck!
Be careful with taking the Immodium and excersing in the heat. You don't sweat like normal and can get overheated fast!
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